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To be a great accountant, you have to learn from great accountants.

At BDO, our best and most senior people aren’t just our best and most senior people. They’re teachers, mentors, and counselors to other professionals within the firm

Within two weeks of starting with BDO, everyone is assigned a Career Advisor who will meet with you regularly to discuss your goals and provide guidance and advice. And though you may switch or receive new advisors as you rise through the ranks, you’ll have career advisors throughout your career. Even senior managers are mentored by the partners above them. Truly dedicated professionals never stop growing and evolving. And so we never stop providing them with the guidance they need.

Meet The Mentors


Carrie Coleman

Senior Manager
Higher Education and Nonprofit

“I have two mentees getting ready to make senior [associate] for the first time, which is really exciting (though they’re a little nervous). We’ve been talking a lot about the difference in responsibility level that goes along with taking on these more senior roles – it’s a particularly challenging phase of your career, so we’ve been talking a lot about tips for managing workload, what to do if you feel overwhelmed, how to talk to your managers. My one mentee works exclusively in one industry, which for us is very rare, so we’ve been talking about getting him exposed to more things because it’s good for his career.

When you’re just starting out, you need to have a willingness to learn – you come out of college with a lot of knowledge, but putting it into practice is hard. We want to see you succeed, so we have support in place to help you along the way.”


Jennifer Puterman

Software and Technology

“I always tell my mentees to reach out to me whenever they need to, and to let me know if there’s anything I can help with. But I also think it’s really important to reach out to them frequently as well. I have a new mentee who just transferred to our office that I recently met with informally, and I asked how she was managing and adjusting. And immediately she came out and said ‘I think I need help, it’s such different workflow, a different schedule, I’ve got clients outside my background.’ She was so thankful that someone had opened that door for her to express her concerns. Immediately, we set up a meeting with the person who does the scheduling in our office to just re-jig things a little for her. And that really helped her tremendously.

I think the most successful mentees are those that are the most upfront about what they want from the mentor-mentee relationship. If you want to meet twice year, that’s fine. But if you want a deeper relationship, tell me. I’ll do it.”


Chun Yeh

Senior Manager
Technology and Life Sciences

“Usually I’ll take my mentees to lunch and give them advice, which is really based on my past experience; what I’ve done, and how I’ve dealt with some of the same issues. For most of my mentees, it’s usually about what they can do to help them earn or prepare for the next promotion. They want to know what they need to do to move forward, beyond the technical skills.

It’s really important, as a mentee, to be open to constructive criticism. Be coachable. Be willing to listen and adapt. No one is going to do everything perfectly – part of my job as a career advisor is to help people identify what they can do to be better.”