Pathway to Success: BDO’s Summer Leadership Program

What’s the best way to discover whether a career in accounting is right for you? By experiencing it, firsthand.

No matter how many hours you spend in a classroom, it’s hard to imagine what a career in accounting is like until you’re actually on the job. Pathway to Success gives students who may be interested in a career in accounting an inside look into life at a global accounting organization generally, and at BDO in particular.

Programs Across the Country

Pathway to Success includes a national program, held in our Chicago headquarters, as well regional programs held at BDO offices. No matter which program you participate in, Pathway to Success is an important first step in establishing long-lasting and successful relationships. For information about upcoming programs, please click here

Pathway to Success includes interactive workshops and presentations, panel discussions, and networking opportunities with BDO professionals of all levels.

By participating in Pathway to Success, you’ll also have the chance to meet – and network with – a variety of BDO professionals and other students, many of whom could soon become your colleagues.

Adioris Caba Abreu, Florida International UniversityAdioris
Past Pathway to Success Attendee
Assurance Intern

“Pathway to Success is the only national leadership program that’ll give you the opportunity to meet and network with not only partners, staff, and students from different states, but also the CEO, Wayne Berson, who I got the chance to speak with, face-to-face. The conference is designed to hone your leadership skills during the group activities, which included an exciting scavenger hunt, networking, and leadership sessions. I had a ton of fun and I learned a lot about public accounting, as well as the firm’s values and culture. It was amazing! I would highly recommend Pathway to Success to all accounting students.”

Zach Duhon, Texas State UniversityZach

Past Pathway to Success Attendee
Assurance Intern

“I met so many people that I still connect with on a regular basis. The program gave me nearly every connection I have right now. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made, and I would not change it for the world. Pathway to Success really opened up my eyes to a career at BDO, and in tax – you get to see everything BDO has to offer, and what the tax world looks like.”


Casey Knapp, Grand Valley State Universitycasey
Past Pathway to Success Attendee
Prior Assurance & Tax Intern
Current BDO Associate

“Attending BDO’s Pathway to Success was probably the main trigger to steer me toward a career in public accounting. I knew I liked accounting and it was my major, but I honestly wasn’t too sure what to do with it. After attending the program, I felt so much more knowledgeable about the career and what it had to offer. I learned more about public accounting in that short span than I had in my two years of college. Now that I’m joining the firm full time, I can definitely say that Pathway to Success was the jump start to my BDO career.”


Cassie Hartogs, Tax Office Managing Partner
Past Pathway to Success BDO Participant

“Pathway to Success is easily one my favorite parts of my job. Being able to meet and interact with bright, talented students who are so enthusiastic about the firm – and their future here – gives me energy and makes me excited for the firm’s future.”

Pathway to Success Video:

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