BDO Pathway to Success

Think you have what it takes
to be a successful accountant?
Come find out.

You can’t choose a career path because you think it’s a good fit – you have to know. Pathway to Success is a selective, week-long program held every summer for rising sophomores and juniors who are considering a career in public accounting.

The program is not only a great recruiting event, but an opportunity to get a realistic look at the kinds of work accountants handle day-to-day. It’s also a fun way to find out what real accountants are like. Consisting of workshops, presentations, networking events, and panel discussions, Pathway to Success is designed to prepare you for a job at the top of the public accounting field.

Meet the firm
from staff to ceo

At BDO, we believe in accessibility – at all levels of staff and leadership. At Pathway to Success, you’ll get the chance to hear from and speak with a variety of BDO professionals, from newer associates to recruiters to senior partners … all the way up to the CEO. WAYNE’S STORY

Friends Today,
Colleagues Tomorrow

Throughout the program, you’ll gain exposure to many working accountants. But you’ll also have the chance to meet – and learn from – a large number of your peers. Past attendees have made friends and professional contacts whom they still keep in touch with years later. Some even work together.

Work Like a BDO
with a BDO Professional

During the program, attendees work together in teams under the supervision and direction of a BDO professional to complete a group project on a range of audit, tax, and consulting topics.

From Exploring Corporate Tax returns
to Forensic Accounting 101, this project provides you with an opportunity to learn about various aspects of the accounting industry, get to know new people, and flex your creative muscles (once, a student dressed up as Lil Wayne).

Pathway to Success was my favorite leadership conference because it was genuinely focused on benefiting the attendees. I felt that every activity we did was not only fun, but was carefully designed to be beneficial to me. Pathway to Success wasn’t just a recruiting tool; it was a genuine opportunity for its participants.

bc-pathway-kevinKevin Blue
Michigan State University
Audit Intern
Pathway to Success 2013 participant

Take advantage of the speed networking – it’s a great opportunity to communicate with a variety of interesting BDO professionals in a short period of time. Everyone I spoke to had great advice to share, and I still find myself applying practices they were kind enough to share with me. Also, take advantage of networking with all the other Pathway to Success attendees; there is a good chance you will be co-workers, or even just do business together, at some point in the future.

bc-pathway-markMark Koziel
University of Illinois
Tax Intern
Pathway to Success 2013 participant