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The accounting profession is changing. And so are we.

Every day, technology is shaping the way nearly every industry operates. Including ours. As technology has developed and grown, it’s automated many of the processes accountants have traditionally provided. But instead of restricting the services we offer our clients, it’s actually allowed us to expand our capabilities.

It’s an exciting time to be in accounting, and an especially exciting time to be at BDO.

But even as technology continues to change, BDO’s core purpose stays the same: Helping People Thrive, Every Day. For our clients, that means serving as trusted advisors and genuine partners, helping them make informed decisions and enabling their businesses to reach their full potential. It means offering not only traditional tax and audit services, but business advisory, consulting, and dozens of other specialized services as well. It means delivering greater value to our clients than ever before.

As you join our profession, you’ll soon discover the many, many paths your career can take. At BDO, our job is to help you find the one that’s best for you. Because just as we help our clients reach their full potential, we also do all we can to help you thrive every single day.

Wayne Berson, CEO


During my last year of college, when I was going through the recruitment process, I asked friends in the industry how they made their decision – how they knew which opportunity was the right one for them. Time and time again, I received the same response: “I chose my firm because of the people.”

To be honest, I was confused by this answer and not sure what it really meant to choose your future firm based on “the people.”

Then I interviewed at BDO. And I loved it – the environment, the clients, and most importantly, the people I interacted with. I went with BDO’s offer. Now when I’m asked how I chose my firm, I give the exact same answer. How right they were!

It’s all about the people.

Our core purpose is Helping People Thrive, Every Day. That applies to our clients, definitely, but it applies internally, too. At BDO, it’s not just about the work you do – it’s about the people you do it with. Here, the people you work with are committed to your success, and dedicated to helping you thrive in your career. During my very first busy season, senior partners would routinely take time out of their own very busy schedules to sit down with me, answer my questions, and make sure I was getting up to speed. Eight years – and several promotions – later, and I still get that kind of support. Even as a senior manager, I’m given the tools and support I need to do my job well – and to expand my professional horizons even further.

Tim Farrell, Senior Manager, Corporate Tax



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