Inclusion at BDO


Inclusion at BDO starts the way everything at BDO starts: with relationships. BDO’s purpose is to help people thrive every day, and part of that commitment is fostering a culture that not only celebrates individual differences, but actively supports people with a range of backgrounds, perspectives, and ways of working. Far from being just another policy or procedure, inclusion is part of our DNA; at BDO, we take an inclusive approach that permeates everything we do, from both Work+Life Fit™ to professional development. All in the service of providing our people with the attention, flexibility, and opportunities
they deserve.

“ Inclusion has been a priority at BDO for decades – even before we had official programs. These values are, and have always been, ingrained in our culture, in who we are.”

Cathy Moy, Chief People Officer and Office Managing Partner, 
Assurance Services, Boston

In order to grow as a company, we must also provide opportunities to grow as individuals. BDO believes not only in hiring the most talented professionals, but in retaining them. And that means consistently providing our people with the ability to grow both intellectually and
professionally, and positioning them to achieve success over the course of their careers.

Empowerment Through Flexibility
Different people work (and live) differently. In today’s 24/7, global reality, flexibility is essential to ensuring that a diverse range of professionals have the opportunity to perform to their potential.

From fulfilling a family obligation to changing your schedule to accommodate a client in another time zone, BDO’s approach to flexibility allows our people to adjust where, when, or how often they work. Flexibility, however, is more than just a program – it’s a mindset that permeates the culture of all our offices. Instead of imposing a one-size-fits-all working arrangement, we embrace the fact that every individual has a unique set of needs, responsibilities, and interests. This helps people work better and, by extension, helps drive the success of the firm.

Thriving on Energy
At BDO, we have a saying: “Push the Green,” meaning that positive energy is contagious. Our personal energy management philosophy is grounded in the truth that people do better work when they’re surrounded by other positive, energized people (and when they’ve had enough time to re-energize). And so we take steps to create and sustain the right environment in our offices. For example, one tax associate in San Francisco coordinated 15-minute yoga and meditation breaks throughout busy season. Other offices have introduced a variety of activities, including ice cream and coffee breaks, to help our people renew and recharge.

Diversity, Innovation, Advancement
Put simply, diversity drives innovation, and innovation drives growth. Building teams with a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives has made BDO a better place to work, and made us better at what we do. Supported by both local and national leadership structures, BDO is committed to ensuring that all our people are empowered to advance and succeed – whoever they are, and wherever they’re from. We are committed to building an inclusive environment, with a particular focus on:

Women  | LGBT | Race & Ethnicity | Veterans | Parents | Generations | Global Mobility

Additionally, BDO sponsors employee participation in a variety of national organizations, including the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA), Ascend, and the Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting (ALPFA). We are also a founding member of the 30% Club.